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  • Jakobovits Márta

    Back to nature [Mixt]

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  • Moldován Mária

    Time boat [stoneware with glazes]

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  • Moldován György

    Memory Drop [Raku]

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  • Muresan Gheorghe

    work title [stoneware with glazes]

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  • Kiss Melinda

    In the window [Raku]

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  • Vidra-Birtalan Éva

    Work title [Enamel art]

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  • Csiki Orsolya

    Boxes [porcelain]

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  • Bucur Mana

    Crab casket [Glazed clay]

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  • Florian Andrei

    Great Grail [mixed technique]

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  • Olteanu David

    Forms [Porcelan]

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  • Olteanu Mariana Cara

    installation [stoneware]

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  • Bajusz Katinka

    Metamorfozis [Glazed clay]

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  • Padureț Monika

    Fairy Tales [ Glazed Clay]

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  • Chirilâ Emilia

    Quo Vadis [Porcelain]

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  • Pelladi Oriana

    Terra incognita [Mixt]

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  • Sánta Csaba

    Stairs [Raku]

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  • Pop Eugenia

    Inner being [terracotta]

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  • Csorvási Szabó László Attila

    Human Recycle [Stoneware with porcelain]

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  • Crăciun Gheorghe

    Euro [Stoneware]

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  • Crăciun Judit

    Samples of some plastic concepts [Poured faience]

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  • Forró Ágnes

    Timetunels [Reku]

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  • Jakobovits Márta

    test [test]

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About us
In today’s art scene the most difficult thing as a creator is to find and keep your own style. 

There are many streams and trends which may seem for the moment successful but that doesn’t mean that these match your personality. 

It’s very important to hear and follow your inner soud and natural thoughts. Unfrotunately, in many respects the world is not based on honesty but in creation the truthfulness is indispensable.
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My primary focus is the human figure. 
Sculpture in the round allows me to speak in a way that's most important to me, essentially through human form. 

I arrange form to satisfy a personal view of my subject. What I aim for is to create figures that have movement and a strong sense of design. 

It's this quality of my work that connects my heart and soul to others who are looking at it, or preferably, feeling it. 

I strive to combine the abstraction of the 20th Century with an organic lyrical rhythm inheret in the human form.
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Ceramic art is a complex process with a rich visual language, which gives me the possibility to express myself in a very sincere way. Process is essential to my work and begins with the medium of clay itself. 

I am very interested in telling a simple story or narrative about place; whether that is an objects place in time, a direct reference to location or an object’s intended place within the house.. 

Inspiration is wide-ranging and includes memories of childhood, every day life, travels, sensations. I am sensitive to small things that can pass withouth notice but they are the things from which life is made.
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In my vision, the art of ceramics is one of fundamental importance for the research in the sculptural form. 

I could distinguish between two major approaches towards sculpture, a first one based on the physical intervention on a natural material (like bone, wood, or stone) and a second one which consists in the moulding through fire of a particular material (like ceramics or metal). Regarding to these two, I consider myself equally faithful. 

The geometries I conceive in the technique of ceramics follow this crafts tradition and thus they are personal formal researches who aim to bound tradition and contemporary practices.
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Ceramics are like an "archive" made of clay and purified by fire, in which one can "read" over the centuries about customs, rites and cultic practices, technical achievements, ethical and aesthetic concepts and ethnic characteristics. 

In the decorative oevres, we have attempted to reflect with the aid of specific means of the visual arts (signs and simbols) some of the major themes e.g. the origins of the universe and natural phaenomaena (Big-bang and the Sphere) 

Amongst this Simbols the spiral is repeatetly used im many oeuvres (e.g. The Wall, Columns,Sunflower etc.)
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An important theme for us in our decorative oeuvre is the myth of sacrifice; - (e.g. Ikarus, The wall - Manole's Wife, Shadow in the Walland and the Fountain).
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The dreamland always attracted me, so it was actually inevitable, I feel this world reflects best what I want to express to the world . 

The fairy tale is closer to each one’s heart and triggers the innocent, a beautiful world which only in childhood the man could sense it. 

Now, at mature age I’m still feeling like a child and sometimes when I paint these tales on my ceramic plates, my soul is very peaceful 

In my childhood I read a lot of stories and it often happens in the evenings to read a tale from time to time.
You act-react-create. When you are overwhelmed. 
By memories, good or bad, by constraints. 
You create/creart. Ideas. Sketches of you. More ideas, more of you.
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1990 The National Prize for Applied Arts, Romania 
1991 The International Ceramic Biennial`s First Prize, Portugal 
1994 The Romanian Artists Union`s Prize for Applied Arts 1995 Honorable Mention , MINO`95, Japan 
2004 The Romanian Government`s Award, Meritul Cultural, gradul II 
2005 The Romanian Artists Union`s Prize for Applied Arts

2000 – Scholarship, Budapest Gallery 
2001 – International Ceramics Studio Symposium, Hungary 2002 – Bolyai Art Camp, Tg. Mures, Romania 
2003 – International Art Camp, Lazarea, Romania 
2004 – International Art Camp, Lazarea, Romania
2005 – International Art Camp, Sovata, Romania 
2006 – Mount Meru International Art Camp, Arusha, Tanzania
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